Accredited and High
Quality Calibrations

Regular quality controls on measurement instruments are required by all quality assurance standards. However, there is one more convincing reason to always verify the accuracy of measurement instruments – The sense of safety.

You can only trust the reliability of measurements only when you know that your instruments work properly.

This reassurance is important for your enterprise as well as for your customers.

A correct measurement is of vital importance in our technology-bound world, meaning that inaccurate measurements may result in costly financial repercussions.

Every measurement instrument is subject to wear, as a result of mechanical, chemical or thermal stress and therefore yields measured values that change with the lapse of time.

This cannot be avoided but can be detected promptly with calibration.

Regular Calibration
  • Improvement in manufacturing quality
  • Safety of operations
  • Confidence in the measurement device
  • Avoidance of rejections and reprocessing
  • Compliance with standards, guidelines and certifications
  • Protection from any replacement claims
  • Safety in controls
Since 2009
Experience and

Since 2009, DEKA SA calibrations laboratory has been providing accredited calibration services in its facilities but also at the customer’s premises.

The accreditation was granted by the National Accreditation System (ESYD), pursuant to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025, an integrated quality management system running as an unfailing continuation of other systems such as ISO 9001.

The accreditation is a way of evidencing our experience in the activities we perform and that we are authorized to issue internationally recognized calibration certificates bearing the ESYD logo.

Accreditation is the key for high quality measurements, with international benchmarking and trust both on the calibration laboratory work and on the transparency of results.

The accreditation of our laboratory does prove:

  • The reliable and well maintained technical equipment
  • The capability, experience and skills
  • The effective quality management system

Regardless of the calibration service you select, when performing your calibrations in our laboratory, you can expect immediate response and service.

With the calibration certificate issued by DEKA SA, you document the traceability to the highest level (SI units), as stipulated by the family of standards DIN EN ISO 9000 and DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.

The calibration certificates are therefore an important document and a measurement basis for testing equipment measurement and monitoring in the context of quality management.

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